Recipe for homemade eye creams

There are quite a number of causes for those ugly dark circles under the eyes that also called raccoon eyes. Whereas some people are simply genetically predisposed to getting them, others have allergens, medical conditions, old age or perhaps their late night lifestyles to blame.  Many people have used anti aging eye creams over the course of time but it appears the some of them take such a long time for any desirable results to be seen. When things don’t appear to be happening as soon as they ought to, they finally resort to using makeup to simply conceal what is so obvious.

Solution in the kitchen

Most people get a surprise to know that there are solutions to some of these problems right there in their kitchens. A simple glance at your kitchen cabinet could surprise you to know that you actually have ingredients for homemade eye creams. You only need to create a little spare time and you will have in your hands awaking solution for those undesirable dark circles under your eyes. The good news of eye creams made at home is that there is a variety and because most of the ingredients could already be in your kitchen you will not be spending too much money in search for a solution.

1st Recipe:  The first recipe for a homemade eye cream is a simple one using the simplest of all ingredients. If you realize that you lack any of the said recipes you could just run to the local grocery store and pick them up. You need a small raw grated potato that needs to be mixed with two tablespoons of unsweetened apple sauce. Mix these two ingredients well and then apply them to that area around your eyes. After application you need to keep a warm washcloth over your face. Relax for a few minutes and the rinse the eye cream off your face. This particular homemade eye cream has bleaching properties like those ones of teabags and cucumber.

2nd Recipe: The second recipe for making eye cream at home is known as the avocado eye cream. You need three slices of ripe avocado mixed with 5 drops of almond oil. Once the mixture has blended well you will rub around the eyes and leave them in place fro about 5 minutes. Rinse the cream off after those 5 minutes and wash off the residue using warm water.

3rd Recipe: This particular recipe for homemade eye cream is extremely effective especially for working on dark circles under the eyes. Some of the ingredients that may not be readily available in your kitchen can be bought at the neighborhood grocery store. You need a teaspoon of powdered lecithin, 1 ½ tablespoons of almond oil, and 1 tablespoon of lanolin to be mixed with 2 tablespoon of water. Begin by melting the lanolin over some low heat on the stove after which you add almond oil. Remove the mixture from the fire before adding a few drops of water and the lecithin.  When the mixture has blended well you will have a perfect cream for removing dark circles under the eyes.

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