Harmful ingredients in anti aging eye creams

There is no saying how many anti aging eye creams are in the market because they keep coming as the day move on. Things ere even easier because most of them can be bought over the counter and this makes them affordable and very easy to access. However, it is also important to realize that there can be harmful eye creams that can do more harm than good because of particular ingredients that are found in them. This calls for a lot of care when buying over the counter anti aging eye creams in order to ensure your safety.

Harmful ingredients in eye creams

There are several anti aging eye creams that have been found to contain harmful substances that can do some very serious damage to your skin. Whereas using these eye creams can have some positive effects, it can be compared to jogging barefoot on the street where the positive outcomes can easily get outweighed by the negative ones.

Dangerous fragrances

Harmful eye creams

One of the most common ingredients found in risky anti aging eye creams that are bought over the counter are fragrances. It is believed that most of these fragrances are made from chemicals that are quite harmful such as alcohol, irritants and phthalates. Unfortunately most of these negative and dangerous chemicals are absorbed by the skin and end up in your body. Many people are surprised to know that most of these chemicals are actually banned in the EU as well as USA.

Mineral oil

The other harmful chemical ingredient found in risky anti aging eye creams is mineral oil. This is a petroleum byproduct whose molecules are s thick that they cannot easily be absorbed by the skin pores and will therefore most likely end up clogging your skin pores. The clogged pores sometimes lead to other skin conditions such as blackheads and acne.

Another commonly found harmful ingredient is Mineral Oil. It is just a petroleum byproduct. Its molecules are very thick that they could clog our skin pores. You realize clogged tiny holes can lead to acne and black heads. It is therefore important to make sure that you read the labels of anti aging eye creams well in order to make sure they don’t contain these dangerous chemicals.

Ineffective ingredients

Several anti aging eye creams that are bought over the counter may not necessarily contain chemicals and ingredients that are straight away risky but may simple be loaded with ingredients that will not do the job you bought them for. Effective eye creams should not simple be moisturizing creams but should be able to do the following if you are going to trust them with your delicate eye skin. They should be able to restore the production of collagen, have antioxidant properties in order to fight free radicals and also be able to boost the growth of new skin cells by providing proper nutrition for your skin.

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