How to effectively conceal dark circles

When you find the getting rid of dark circles under the eyes is taking its toll on you and taking a slightly longer time than you expected, there are simple things you can cleverly do in order to hide dark circles and move on with your life unperturbed. You need some little knowledge which you can combine with good cosmetics and the right tools and you can draw the kind of attention you are looking for. Even though this is not a permanent solution to dark circles it can offer you a quick fix especially when you need to make an impression. While using this method of concealing dark circles you can be working at a longer time solution so that you will not have to depend on quick fixes forever.

Concealer for hiding dark under-eye circles

One of the most effective ways of hiding dark circles under the eyes is through the use of a concealer. You will get better results if you look for a liquid concealer that dries to give you a matte finish. Applying this kind of concealer needs to be done carefully so that it gets to blend nicely with the rest of your skin.  The following are the simple steps to follow when trying to conceal dark circles using cosmetics:

  1. Choosing the color: The success or failure of your hiding dark circles depends on the proper choice of concealer color. If your dark circles have a blue-black hue you need to choose a color that is one shade lighter than your normal skin color. If however you are dealing with puffiness and dark circles you need to go for a color that is one shade darker than your normal skin color.
  2. Effectiveness of concealers: The reasons concealers can be effective in hiding dark circles under the eyes is because they are basically opaque and as such they will not let light go through them. Trying to use normal under eye make up will not succeed because it cannot match those dark circles.
  3. Use a light touch: It is important to try and use a light touch when using a concealer to hide dark circles. You do not want to use too much of it such that it is going to draw attention to itself thus creating another problem. If you use mascara avoid applying it on the lower lashes because mascara flakes occasionally fall on your skin and they could mark the dark circles look worse.
  4. Look for a permanent cure: Concealers can be the beginning point in your struggle against dark circles but it can be tiring if you try making it your permanent way of looking getting rid of them. While you are using them you need to be looking for an effective permanent solution to those ugly dark circles.

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